Essential Staff Training

MSBA’s Essential Staff Training Online helps Missouri school districts comply with laws that require staff training on a variety of school related issues. This Missouri-specific training is compliant with current statutes such as the Amy Hestir Act and includes the following modules:


Cost: $200 (for course setup) plus $2.00 per district employee who will complete any part of the training

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Ellen Baker
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Legally Required or Highly Recommended for All Employees


Dealing with Acts of School Violence

Implementing Suicide Policy
(New 2018)

Standard Precautions for Avoiding Infections

What to Do When You Get Injured While Working

Addressing School Bullying

Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation
(Revised 2018)

Mandated Reporting of Sexual Abuse in Children

Student Discipline

Confidentiality of Student Information

Employee Safety Rules

Required Training Refresher
(New 2018)

Student Discipline & OCR

Required or Recommended for Selected Employees

Copyright for Schools

School Bus Pre-Trip Inspection
(New 2018)

Drug Recognition for School Personnel

School Bus Safety

School Bus Evacuation Procedures
(New 2018)

Youth Mental Health Awareness
(New 2018)

The online format offers many advantages:

  • Register all staff at one time
  • Secure individual access
  • View the modules independently at a time that is convenient
  • Option to broadcast modules to group
  • Optional brief competency assessment for each module
  • View modules an unlimited number of times
  • Designated district administrator can track completion and non-completion
  • Flexibility for MSBA to update when laws change
  • Available throughout the year with convenient annual renewal option

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